Member Benefits - Networking

Networking, Events, Digital Connections, Business & Personal Development

BioOhio hosts numerous events throughout the year and around the state, including our Annual Conference, Women in Bioscience Conference, scientific showcases, business innovations and investor forums, career fairs, professional development opportunities, and informal networking events.

Membership benefits include discounted admission to our events and to many of our partner events. We also have a networking group on LinkedIn where our members discover powerful new business contacts, keep in touch with one another, and stay informed of current news.

BioOhio provides business development assistance through coaching, mentoring, and facilitating introductions that benefit your business or accelerate your career.

Networking & Connections

  • Introductions

    Members receive introductions at events, via email, in person, or through social media.

  • BioOhio Members Group

    Access to BioOhio Member Connections group on LinkedIn. Join over 800 bioscience professionals and build your network!

  • Contact Lists

    Members have access to a list of fellow member contact information for networking, outreach, partnership building, etc.

  • BioOhio Committees

    Opportunity to engage with fellow members and industry leaders by being a part of BioOhio Committees.

  • Clinical Research

    For clinical studies, BioOhio can offer assistance with promotion of a study, locating resources, making leadership connections for physicians, etc.

  • Build Relationships

    Discover new opportunities, expand your personal network, generate new relationships, and reconnect with existing contacts through the BioOhio membership community.

  • B2B Resources

    Connections to critical service providers with bioscience experience, such as attorneys, regulatory specialists, clinical trial consultants, government relations experts, faculty members, insurance brokers, business assistance firms, incubators/accelerators, FDA representatives, and government officials and legislators.

  • Student Enrichment

    Student members gain experience interacting outside of the school setting, learn soft-skills, interact with the business community, and connect with fellow students from around the state to share experiences and build networks.

  • Academic & Industry Connections

    BioOhio links Universities, Colleges, K-12 schools, Career Centers, and academic organizations to businesses/industry and entrepreneurial services. This brings experience into the school, opportunities for mentoring, internships, and insights on employment pathways.


  • Promotion of Member Events

    Member events and programs are highlighted on’s Event Calendar as well as sharing through social media and the monthly BioOhio newsletter.

  • Event Support

    Members who are planning and organizing their events can receive advice and support from BioOhio event experts, as well as marketing and promotion assistance.

  • Maximize Involvement

    BioOhio works with individuals on how to maximize participation in events, how best to network, and what to look for in attending events.

  • Event Participation

    Priority consideration for members to participate in speaking and/or moderating roles at BioOhio events. BioOhio also prioritizes members when asked by partner organizations for assistance locating event participants.

  • Host Events

    Opportunity to host events and gain exceptional visibility in event promotion and among attendees. Members can also volunteer as event support at BioOhio functions.

  • BioOhio Speakers

    BioOhio staff/delegates speak at events, including educational events, economic development activities, advocacy events, industry seminars, etc.

Business & Personal Development

  • Funding Connections

    For companies that are raising money, BioOhio can facilitate introductions to incubators, accelerators, financing sources, angel investors, VC, mezzanine, foundations, Ohio Third Frontier representatives, SBIR grant consultants, and other related resources.

  • Best Practices

    BioOhio offers support to other membership organizations and associations in Ohio related to best practices for programs, events, and operations.

  • Educational Resources

    Faculty and staff gain access to resources to share with students for opportunities that include career pathways, research, personal development, networking, etc.

  • Student Engagement

    BioOhio staff/delegates speak to students in classrooms about bioscience careers, including alternate career pathways in industry, research, sales, importance of soft-skills, and more. Encourage students to get engaged and excited about careers in science and working in Ohio.

  • Grant Partnerships

    BioOhio can become an active participant and partner in grant funding applications (case by case depending on content).

  • Connect to Growth Resources

    Member companies can partner with BioOhio to work directly with economic development specialists to assist your company locate and/or expand in Ohio. Get the connections you need with state services and programs.

  • Business Expansion

    Guidance and connections for companies that are expanding operations in Ohio, including working with the State of Ohio, JobsOhio, and local city or county officials.

  • Economic Development

    Economic development organizations around Ohio can enlist BioOhio as subject matter experts to assist with activities to grow the State’s economy.

  • Commercialization

    Commercialization assistance, linking commercialization and tech transfer / IP licensing opportunities with industry and spin out opportunities.