Member Benefits - Talent

Talent Resources

BioOhio delivers a competitive advantage to members with solutions to talent, training and human resources needs through partnerships with Taylor Strategy Partners (TSP) and the Center for Professional Innovation and Education (CfPIE).

Member companies receive assistance connecting with resources to locate talent, including entry level employees, highly skilled workers, and executives. Resources often include access to job pools, training, recruiting, and talent sourcing.

Programs such as comprehensive talent needs assessments and sourcing, specialized training for skilled and leadership positions alike, and courses and certification programs for the advancement of professional medtech, pharma and bioscience development are all offered at a discount to BioOhio members.

  • Job Postings

    Hiring companies can increase the reach of job postings. BioOhio regularly posts member company job openings and hiring announcements on social media, and other outlets. Learn more.

  • Talent Assessment Solutions

    Making the right hiring choices can be difficult. Someone might look perfect on paper, but how do you know if they’ll fit with your organization? Surface-level dialogue with candidates isn’t enough. With TSP’s tools, your candidates’ assessment results inform their interviewers – leading to thoughtful and relevant conversations. TSP will even help you interpret test results. For more information about the tspFOCUS program, learn more here.

  • Leadership Skills

    The BioOhio Leadership Development Center helps new and aspiring managers build the skills they need to serve as your organization’s next generation of leaders. Learn more.

  • Talent Acquisition

    Members can access bio-specific talent acquisition services in a pricing model significantly lower than traditional third-party staffing firms. Learn more.

  • Talent Services

    Additional talent services include Contract Recruiting, Retained/Contingent Search, Executive Assessments, Strategic Metrics and Real-Time Tracking, Consulting/Testing, and Candidate Comparisons. Learn more.

  • Save on CfPIE Courses

    BioOhio has arranged a 10% discount on industry leading skills training courses offered by CfPIE, The Center for Professional Innovation & Education. Courses include specialized education in pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology disciplines. Learn more.

  • Linkedin Job Boards

    Members have exclusive access to job boards in the BioOhio Member Connections group on LinkedIn. Employers can post jobs and individuals can contact hiring companies.

  • Resumes

    Members have access to resumes submitted by job seekers, including student and individual members as well as attendees at BioOhio Career Fairs. Individual members can submit resumes for distribution to employers and member companies.

  • Personal Marketing

    Individual and student members can receive a review of personal marketing materials such as a resume, CV, or LinkedIn profile, with suggestions for improvements.

  • Career Pathways

    Individual and student members can engage with BioOhio on how to maximize job searches, including interview techniques, how best to network, and ways to make the most of opportunities such as career fairs and events, and guidance on bioscience career pathways.